Sunday, October 01, 2006

Soil's Sunny Shasheesh

Right now he must be coming up the broken road. The light has been constantly changing in this cloudy-bright day. Now the clouds recede into the few pine trees left on the hill sides and now again they rise and veil the whole view. The woman washing on the road side has no clue who's passing; that he could have changed her life.
But he was cut short at 36. It is hard to believe that he cannot feel the curves of the road and the cool breeze, nor see the gathering clouds or the traffic rushing to and fro from his beloved hometown.
They are bringing dreams and hope nailed inside a 6 ft box. Farewell, dear friend.

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Anonymous said...

30 September 2006

Today our community lost Shasheesh Prasad one of its brightest young luminaries. A great activist with boundless determination and vision that helped improve this place called Darjeeling.

A talented architect who built both grand and small structures, but most important he built dreams which inspired others to believe in a better future for the home we love so dear.

His sudden departure has left a whole in our hearts and minds that no other can fill, but we must carry on his dreams. Certainly his benevolent spirit will help guide us along as we follow his vision.