Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Down the Teesta, and back to the desert

Enough of sentimentality!! We took our friend down to the Teesta at Lavarbottey, a beautiful spot from where any one of us can go happily. As we returned from Malli after late lunch it was dusk and we saw the pyre dazzling bright on the river bank below. Way to go! Someone hung a banner of the Darjeeling Carnival - Darjeeling, World's Nicest Place, coined by Shasheesh - on the car carrying the coffin. That was a great gesture.

And then we returned back to the town where water tankers were everywhere. Who are these people called authorities who are supposed to have repaired the broken supply lines by now? It is more than a week and they still haven't. They don't care. Homes are running dry. It is a harrowing time. It is unbelievable when its raining all the time that we have no water in our homes!
Our elected and appointed are men of straw. When can we get rid of these pests oh god?!
Rise people, rise!

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Fuck You Google said...

Most of that made no sense to me, but it sounds like someone had a good time!