Friday, October 20, 2006

CPI-M, M for Malignant

Who are these people and what do they want?
Last week they organised a huge convention of their party at Gymkhana where they tarred and feathered Subash Ghisingh. (Does the man need any?) They beat their chests about corruption, absence of democracy in the hills and the autocracy of SG. They raised their clenched fists towards the heavens and swore they would redeem this appalling scenario.
To the dead come the scavengers; not to redeem but to assuage their own rapacious appetites.
They have said this before, from our broken hill tops. Shed tears for the murder of democracy in Darjeeling. The problem is when they go down to the plains the tune decisively changes. By the time they get to Kolkata they deny that they said it at all!
Bad cop Asok Bhattacharya swears and abuses SG. The good cop Buddhadev Bhattacharya gets him a cup of hot coffee or maybe the man's favourite brand of chewing tobacco. "Yond man has a lean and hungry look; he constantly masticates like a goat on lime and tobacco: such men are dangerous."
And has this play changed? Don't be duped. The sub-plot is now taking over.
It was surprising to see the PDF (F, for fools) in the front row of the convention at Gymkhana. They were gazing at some circulated literature, perhaps trying to read between the lines which said you guys look so pathetic. If there was any doubt it was all removed the next day: RB Rai revealing his desperation offered to join hands with the CPI-M (yet again) if the latter were to have no truck with the GNLF. (Sad day - the halo of our veteran comrade has fallen to become a noose). AB promptly dismissed the suggestion and said the CPI-M would contest the election in the hills alone.
The perverse absurdity of the CPI-M demanding for early elections in the hills while denying it at the same time is not lost.
By declaring that it is in mind to contest the elections alone the CPI-M has disclosed its long-gestating plan. It wants to drive the hill people to such desperation that they feel that only the CPI-M is the alternative, that only CPI-M can deliver them (which the PDF acknowledges by asking for its hand). For long the CPI-M has been preparing the ground for it. By making a comeback in the hills it can guarantee itself good nights sleep as far as the demand for Gorkhaland is concerned.
They have corralled the PDF into such a small pen that they are of no more use than the pigs who talk about democracy. And PDF has called for creation of Gorkhaland, shooting itself on the foot. They could have held back the demand till the time they got the mandate. Instead, they prematurely ejaculated the point.
On the other hand, the CPI-M has managed in 16 years to make SG appear like a monster that has to be exorcised from the hills. Talk about staying power! They seduced SG into the bed with them and kept him there with exotica like the title of the Supremo. And then while SG convulsed through multiple climaxes the CPI-M set Rome on fire. No jobs, no water, no law and order, corruption, urban choas...and you kept hearing the moans of pleasure from Lalkothi. The councillors joined in the orgy.
The Marxists are now preparing for coup de grace. It will finish the SG sooner rather than later. By going alone in the elections if they lose they will split the Opposition vote and keep their man, SG, safe. Safe until they are in a position to completely unseat him. If they win couple of seats it will be the start of making in road into the council; the beginning of Ghisingh's end. Either way it is good for the CPI-M. If they go with the PDF they would be beholden to them and that won't bring any positive returns.
Sixth Schedule is humbug. Madan Tamang is right in opposing it; but he should have said he would agree to it only if the Sixth Schedule was of the kind created pre-Bodoland Territorial Council. It's not good to oppose without offering an alternative.
Knock! Knock! It's Buddhadev Bhattacharya at the door and he is selling a very Fishy Curry. But now we know.

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