Thursday, October 12, 2006

Encounters of the Third Kind

The message from Kolkata is clear: demand for Gorkhaland will be countered with lathis, boots and bullets...
Ajay Dahal, a man for very few seasons, an amateur in politics, must be ruing the day he and his friends decided to declare that they were raising an army to fight for Gorkhaland. Buddhadev, who practices Bushian-Imperialism in the hills, has decided to smoke the boys out from their ratholes. And from yesterday's purpoted encounter in the scenic dale of Pedong, it is clear he also wants them "dead or alive."
The other day Dahal managed to release a press statement in which he marvelled at the rapid mobilisation of security forces by Kolkata to counter their threats. Whereas when it comes to the broken infrastructure of the hills, corruption and criminal politicians, unemployment and a host of other problems Kolkata feigns ignorance. You cannot but agree with Dahal on this point.
Kolkata should not now feign surprise about Dahal and his antics. By suspending elections and thereby democratic processes a thousand flowers never did bloom. But a thousand bombs could certainly boom!

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