Saturday, November 11, 2006

Watch Out Darjeeling!

In Kenya, James Finlay and Sotik Tea Companies are trying to introduce tea plucking machines! The move was opposed by country's labour minister and now the companies have taken the matter to the Court. They contend that the minister has broken a trade agreement with them in opposing the introduction of the plucking machines.
Gut feeling is that the companies will win. And not too far in future, one dark night, these machines will make their way up to our hills on trucks. We have to prepare. Is anyone listening?


Anonymous said...

i know its a great blog but do you realise that because of your blog so many lives are at stake. They are guessing someone else is operating this blog when it is not. So please before blotting out your thoughts, think of what you are doing? Let not someone else suffer at your cost.

Darjeeling Brew said...

Do you even care how lives of several generations have been destroyed because of our silence.
Those who feel by associating with me run a mortal danger are most free to leave me alone. I could arrange for a public disclaimer through this blog if you got me their names ( I did not know this blog was so popular so such announcement should work.) A little parting favour from my side for my "dear friends."

Anonymous said...

Man, we live in such times that to blog also is a sin. Do these guys know what blogging actually means? It is a personal diary that we share with similiar minded people, not a show where Big Brother has to watch always. My dear concerned friend have you read Orwell's "1984"? We are heading that way. Carry on Darjbrew...way to go man!!!

Anonymous said...

the first comment man on this topic. I know its great to have such views which will open up the eyes, but just be careful brother. I won't discourage you or will i ever do, but be extra careful and watch out for those low height doors and avoid banging yourself. Best of luck to you.

One more thought though, before writing out anything, just remember that there are always two sides to a story take care to know both of them. This way you will justify all.