Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Parliament of Bottom-Smoochers

The CPI-M's show of strenght was good enough in the form of the DYFI anniversary rally. Ghisingh is doing good enough by touting Sixth Schedule as Gorkhaland's equivalent and Buddhadev Bhattacharya as our Santa Claus. AIGL has done good enough by thrashing CPI-M as the sponsors of Ghisingh's totalitarian rule.
And what is good enough for us to do, as people, to show all the above three that it is about us and not about them? CPI-M is about Kolkata's interests. GNLF is about Ghisingh's interests and his interests lie elsewhere than in Darjeeling. AIGL is about Madan Tamang's interests and he refuses to be beholden to us.
Personality politics like in South India, like in the times of Indira Gandhi, is a nasty front-bottom approach: everybody on their fours, ass-kissing their lives away. Why this is what is going on now!! Some one said, Lalkothi is the Parliament of ass-kissers, presided by one of Delhi's biggest bottom-smoochers.

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