Thursday, November 09, 2006

Vote the swagger out!

What are the Leftists going to say after the US election results? Oh that this is just another tactics in Imperialism where they rig the votes so that they can pull out of a no-win war? Or may it was their rallies that influenced US voters?
The US has its problems but when it comes to empowerment of people and practice of democracy - which our leaders keep reminding that our country is - it is certainly in an enviable position. In our state the Marxists who bring out mammoth rallies to protest US Imperialism, like they did several times against the Iraq occupation, do not hesitate to let loose their hooligan cadres to intimidate the voters. Not to forget the notorious "scientific rigging" that the Leftists can be found to be proud of in many unguarded moments.
Now that the US voters, as we all understand have voted against the war, will the Leftists agree that US is not all about Imperialism? Or will it be too much to give up their bogeyman? Nay, their raison d'etre - the only reason why the Leftists are around is because they have US Imperialism to fight. Going by their own talk they have no other ideological reason left.
From Darjeeling such a voting outcome literally seems a million miles away, although we both practice democracy. No matter how big the leader, or the leader's swagger, people have to cut him/her down to size. Ours is badly in need of a good pruning.

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